Friday, October 30, 2009

Patton v. Jesse

As play commences on "Bermuda Ridge" court, officiating judge Craig Schultz (far right) calculates win/loss measurables on a portable abacus.

This match is between Randy "The General" Patton and Sarah "The Spider" Jesse. Known for her sometimes turbulent outburst, Jesse has become a master of intimidation. Patton, seemingly unaffected by Jesse's methods, attributes his calm to years of study with Abu McGreevy, a nationalized Brit and world renowned tutor of transcendental meditation.

"The McGreevy Method allows me to tune-out The Spider's tactics. She's known for her stare, so to stay focused I rely on what I've been taught by the yogi. I have a mantra I trust."

When asked about his mantra, Patton says, "The words themselves can not actually be pronounced by humans in any known language."

Jesse, who struck a heckler with a pallino ball in 2008, returns to White City Bocce after a year-long suspension.

Patton ended up winning this match and made his way to the finals before falling to Mr. Joshua Peck.

(photo by Mr. Greg Younger)

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