Friday, October 30, 2009

Patton v. Jesse

As play commences on "Bermuda Ridge" court, officiating judge Craig Schultz (far right) calculates win/loss measurables on a portable abacus.

This match is between Randy "The General" Patton and Sarah "The Spider" Jesse. Known for her sometimes turbulent outburst, Jesse has become a master of intimidation. Patton, seemingly unaffected by Jesse's methods, attributes his calm to years of study with Abu McGreevy, a nationalized Brit and world renowned tutor of transcendental meditation.

"The McGreevy Method allows me to tune-out The Spider's tactics. She's known for her stare, so to stay focused I rely on what I've been taught by the yogi. I have a mantra I trust."

When asked about his mantra, Patton says, "The words themselves can not actually be pronounced by humans in any known language."

Jesse, who struck a heckler with a pallino ball in 2008, returns to White City Bocce after a year-long suspension.

Patton ended up winning this match and made his way to the finals before falling to Mr. Joshua Peck.

(photo by Mr. Greg Younger)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2008 Brackets

The 2008 White City Bocce tournament bracket at the start of the day. WCB competition is by invitation only of some of the best bowlers in NE Oklahoma and beyond. The 2008 championship was won by Mr. Blake Smith who defeated Mr. Larry "The Hammer" Terry in the finals.

(photo by Mr. Tim Spindle)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Foot Finery

Although white was the dominant color on display at the White City Bocce tournament, there was all kinds of various footwear on display. Boots, sneakers, dress shoes and even high heels were worn by bowlers as they took to the courts.

In this photo we have Ms. Emily Paschal and Ms. Sarah Jesse modeling their choices for the afternoon.

(photo by Mr. Joshua Peck)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hospitality Tent

Between each match guests of the White City Bocce Club are treated to exotic snacks and refreshments in the hospitality tent. Wines from France, pheasant from Oklahoma's north border and, still ranking high on the endangered species list, Komodo dragon pate.

It's documented that ancient Indonesians ingested quantities of Komodo dragon for its enhancement of hand/eye coordination. Komodo was banned by the International Bocce Federation before the 1922 games. No such ban exists in White City.

Pictured left to right: Joshua Peck, William Lloyd, Aaron Mankekar, John Clark, Bart Ford, Cassie Hollis.

(photo by Mr. Greg Younger)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mowing The Oaks

Mr. Greg Younger is seen mowing the famed bocce court "The Oaks" in preparation for the 2009 White City Bocce tournament. Mr. Younger has an extensive background in the astraological sciences and spent twelve years working as an apprentice to Mr. Valentino Antonelli in Rome, Italy.

"I want the White City Bocce courts to be as groomed as what I'm used to in Italy. The extreme weather in Oklahoma creates certain challenges but I'm happy with the results. Mr. Antonelli would be proud if he were still with us."

Mr. Antonelli tragically was killed in a freak bocce accident earlier this year when a ball ricocheted from a nearby court and struck him in the skull as he was measuring a semi-final match in Palermo, Sicily.

"It's tough not having Val around this past year but I'm pretty sure he's playing bocce right now in a better place and watching the White City Bocce club from above."

(photo by Mr. Joshua Peck)

Monday, October 19, 2009

2009 Champion

The 2009 White City Bocce tournament went to Mr. Joshua Peck of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Peck defeated Mr. Randy Patton in the final, aided by a very rare feat of scoring two "quattros" in a single game. 

"This was for Italy!" Peck said after the match, obviously overcome by the day's grueling competition that saw him out-bowl twenty-three other competitors. 

"The Italians invented this wonderful sport of bocce and I was trying to respect them all day long. Standing on such bocce hallowed ground like "The Oaks" was a dream come true."

Peck, who finished fourth in 2008, vowed to return in 2010 to defend his title. 

"I'm going to up my training routine to try to win this prestigious tournament back to back."

Seen with Mr. Peck is Mr. John Clark.

(photo by Ms. Sarah Jesse)