Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mowing The Oaks

Mr. Greg Younger is seen mowing the famed bocce court "The Oaks" in preparation for the 2009 White City Bocce tournament. Mr. Younger has an extensive background in the astraological sciences and spent twelve years working as an apprentice to Mr. Valentino Antonelli in Rome, Italy.

"I want the White City Bocce courts to be as groomed as what I'm used to in Italy. The extreme weather in Oklahoma creates certain challenges but I'm happy with the results. Mr. Antonelli would be proud if he were still with us."

Mr. Antonelli tragically was killed in a freak bocce accident earlier this year when a ball ricocheted from a nearby court and struck him in the skull as he was measuring a semi-final match in Palermo, Sicily.

"It's tough not having Val around this past year but I'm pretty sure he's playing bocce right now in a better place and watching the White City Bocce club from above."

(photo by Mr. Joshua Peck)

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